339th Combat Film Table Key
Key Phrase----------------------------------Meaning-------------------------------------------------
TypeEncounter Type -- A=Air to air; S=Strafing; T=Training, U=Unclear.
Targetsg/t=Ground Targets a/a = air to air. Specific objects may be further spelled out, such as “Me109”, “Ju87”, trains, boxcars, locomotives.
Comments/Claims: A combination of claims made by the pilot on the mission depicted by this combat film clip, and noteworthy items in the film. Claimed aircraft are indicated by (k) for killed or destroyed, and (d) for damaged. A number before “k” or “d” indicates multiples, for example Me109(2k/3d) means claims of 2 Me109 destroyed and 3 Me109 damaged.
Film Id ID number assigned to the film when it was developed. For training films, this represents the lesson within the general advanced training syllabus, resulting in several duplicate entries. The word “cameo“ means that an individual has peeked into the camera.
Film Quality 0=worst; 5=best, in terms of the visual clarity of the film. Please note most of the film quality is far below current HD quality. Almost all of the film was 30 to 50 years old when it was transferred to another media; consequently some of the film has been physically lost - broken off or damaged beyond repair. Also, the 16 mm film used was very light sensitive, sometimes resulting in very dark or light images. It also seems to darken over time while stored. Finally, often the pilot could see targets through haze or clouds that the film could NOT pick up.