The following Videos are available on DVD from the 339th:

> 1) 2010 Reunion events, including visit to the Lewis Airplane Collection. Four chapters; approximately 85 Minutes.

> 2) 2011 Reunion Unit Dinner, Banquet, and Air Show. Three chapters,approximately 95 minutes.

> 3) 2012 visit to Stinson Field; one chapter, approximately 51 minutes.

> 3) 2013 339th FGA Airshow; one chapter, approximately 47 minutes. Features P-51Ds, Stearman Kaydets, and an AT-6 ride filmed from the instructor seat and the ground. Two of the Mustangs are airborne, as are the Kaydets. On static display are a Grumman Duck, a 339th 503rd P51-D, a Grumman Widgeon, and various light civil aircraft. A Marchetti SF-260 or more recent manufacture also puts on a flying display.

>Each video listed above is available for $7.50 for reproduction, shipping and handling. Any profits go back into the 339th Treasury.

> 4) This is a DVD called “Freedom’s Desert” that TV Producer Kevin White sent us of a PBS TV program.

Freedom's Desert DVD Case

It recounts the history of the General Patton's Army tanks with the 339th FG practicing close ground support in the deserts of California at Rice Field during WWII. Two chapter, a long version of 28 minutes and a short version of 14 minutes. This film features interviews with our CO John Henry and has footage of some of our original cadre back at Rice and at Fowlmere. We will mail it to members for $10. (Non-members $15) to cover the cost of mailing, any profits will go to the 339th Treasury!

> TO ORDER A DVD, CONTACT: Bill Jaaskelainen Email:

> OR, Send a request specifying which DVDs you want, and a check to

> William Jaaskelainen, Jr.,

> 7041 Treymore Ct.,

> Sarasota, FL 34243


> Please make checks payable to the “339 FG Association”.

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