The Rocketeers Dance Band at Fowlmere STA F-378:

>Amongst the activities organized by the Red Cross were frequent dances for the boys and their guests. The music at these bands was usually provided by a band composed of Servicemen from the military units stationed at Fowlmereer. As you can see from the photos, the band was organized like the Big Bands of that era, with a Reed Section, Brass Section, Rhythym Section, and featured a Vocalist. Recently, Jeanne Mulquin's niece provided photos which identifies the Rocketeer Band Members by name. Some of the names are not quite legible -- if you can identify these players please contact us so we can update our records.


Rocketeers Dance Band.

The Guitarist in the photo below has been positively identified as Pvt Hollis E. Long by his Daughter, Martha Deaton. Hollis was from Golden, MS, and served in the Ammo Section, 1786 OSM.
Rocketeers Photo with Signatures of Members on the back.

Here are some interpretations and ID's of the Rocketeers from the May 1945 photo:
Glen E. Fitzsimmons 1st Tenor Sax Rank/Unit Unknown
Paul F ?Flear?Heer (illegible) First Alto Sax Rank/Unit Unknown
Leslie E. Munneke 2nd Alto Sax EM-ATT Medic Sgt 328 Sv Grp
Jack ?W.? ?Wilkerson? (illegible) 2ndTenor Sax Rank/Unit Unknown
Walter J. Donovan Vocalist EM-ATT Sgt 328 Sv Grp
Gordon H(?W?) McRead (illegible) Trumpet Rank/Unit Unknown
John P. Adams Trumpet Crew Chief Ssgt 503
George Themascus Trombone Cpl 505
Charles J. Edminston Piano Pfc 339-HQ
John Molnar Bass EM-ATT Pfc 72 SCS
Robert B. Brown Drums Pilot 503 Drums

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