339th Fighter Group History, Second Edition

Above is the new cover for the 339th Fighter Group Second Edition history book designed by Tom Penrose, son of the late Richard Penrose.

          This 8-1/2" by 11", 296 page hardbound publication displays the triumphs you shared together through a written history with hundreds of photographs. Features include Combat Narratives; 503rd, 504th and 505th Pilot Articles; KIA, MIA and POW Listings; General Roster of Group Personnel; 339th, 503rd, 504th, 505th and 1786th Ground Articles; 339th Missions; 339th Credits for Enemy Aircraft; 339th Enemy Aircraft Destroyed; 339th Original and Replacement Assignments; 339th Compilation of Pilot Casualties and Enemy Aircraft Destroyed by the 8th A.F.

           The history of the 339th Fighter Group has now been reproduced in two Editions. After a long hiatus,The 339th History is now available in both Print and Softcopy (Kindle) formats. Please check the Turner Publishing website, or Amazon and other online sellers

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