Those of you who have been following the restoration of 339th/504th P51D Marinell will enjoy these pages and links.

Briefly, P51D 44-13521 was taken on charge by the 504th Squadron of the 339th on 30 June 44, and assigned identifier 5Q-B. It was originally assigned to Capt. Bradford V. Stevens, who named the aircraft "Marinell". The aircraft was lost on 13 August 1944, when Lt. Myer R. Winkelman was shot down near Feuguieres, France, and crashed into a house. Lt. Winkelman was killed. Somehow the wreckage survived the years, and turned up for sale in the late 1990ís with the last 3 digits of the USAAF serial number visible on the tail fin.

Maurice Hammond spent until September 2008 rebuilding Marinell to flying condition, using many original internal parts, but with another Packard Merlin engine. The restoration effort resulted in an immaculate war bird for Maurice, who owns five WW2 warbirds based at Hardwick on the Suffolk/Norfolk border (former USAAF station 104). The 5Q-B engine, a Packard Merlin V12, was found in a garage in a Suffolk village and was stripped down and rebuilt. 5Q-B's skeleton wing sections were however manufactured in the USA and shipped over to England. After restoration, Marinell was once again flown at Fowlmere, 65 years after its first mission, at an event organized by Martin Sheldrick and family, including refreshments for the 60 - 80 attendees.

Youtube video of Marinell's first flight

Key Publishings coverage of Marinell's return to Folwmere

Many thanks for the following photos to Les Price, Fowlmere Village Photo Archivist, friend of Martin Sheldrick of Manor Farm, Fowlmere,

and certainly, now, a Friend of the 339th.

Marinell at Fowlmere with 339th Banner.

Marinell at Fowlmere.

Marinell Airborne at Fowlmere!

Maurice Hammond with Martin Sheldrick at Fowlmere.

Maurice in the cockpit of Marinell at Fowlmere.

Flightline at Fowlmere.

Flightline at Fowlmere.

Guests in the Hangar of Modern Air, who operate from Fowlmere airfield.

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