Help preserve the Merlin engine for the 339th Museum

John Harris has temporarily suspended collection for this engine, as it has been sold to another party. He will return any contributions he has received, and will continue to try to obtain this Merlin, or perhaps another.

This is a Packard Merlin engine recovered from the crash site of 339th (504th) Pilot 2nd Lt Tom Jessup. Lt Jessup was killed in a training flight on 30th June 1945. His engine was recovered from the Jessup crash site in Finchinfield in Essex. The engine was originally recovered by The Essex Aviation Recovery Group who were based at Duxford (now disbanded and closed). The engine was incorrectly identified as as a 4th FG engine. The recovery site was re-investigated by 339th "Friend" John Harris, and the engine verified as belonging to Lt Tom Jessup. When the Essex Group closed, they sold all of their recovered items to a third party as a complete lot and it disappeared off the scene for a while, but it has now resurfaced and is up for sale, and it has been offered to John Harris for the 339th Fighter Group Museum.

The sellers are asking 600.00 for the engine.

Side view of the Packard Merlin.

Front view of the Packard Merlin.

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